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St.Clair Family of Orkney

Name List

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent






  David Of Hailes, 1St Baronet (Hon Sir)P
  Isabella Christina Innes McgregorC born 26 Feb 1885, Latheron, Caithness, Scotland
  AliceS died After 1338
  Marie Duchesse De PomarS died 3 Nov 1895
  Madeleine GabrielS died 1990
  HenriC died After 1096
  HenriC died Abt 1180
  HenriC died Abt 1243
  HenriC died 1270
  WilliamC died Bef 1214
  William 'The Seemly'C died After 1057
  AnnS born Abt 1776 died 13 Nov 1818
  AlisonC died After 1476
  Archibald "The Grim" 3rd Earl Of DouglasP born Abt 1325 died 1400, Threave, Scotland
  Archibald Regent Of Scotland (Sir)P
  Archibald 5th Earl Of AngusC born Abt 1449 died Nov 1513
  Archibald Rector Of DouglasS
  Archibald Tyneman 4th Earl Of DouglasP born Abt 1370 died 17 Aug 1424, Verneuil, France bur. 24 Aug 1424, Tours Cathedral, France
  Egidia Countess Of OrkneyS died After 1420
  Egidia Or GilesC died After 1476
  ElizabethC born Abt 1397
  ElizabethS died Abt 1451, Scotland
  George 4th Earl Of AngusC,P died 12 Mar 1463
  George Earl Of Douglas; Lord Abernethy; 1St Earl Of AngusC died Bef 1409, England, UK
  GeorginaS born Abt 1874, Edinburgh, Scotland
  James Earl Of Avandale; After 7Th Earl Of Douglas (Sir)S died 24 Mar 1443 bur. St Brides Chuchyard, Lanark, Scotland
  James 3rd Earl Of AngusC died 1446
  Jane Or JanetS,C died 1494
  JohnC died After 1471
  William Of Nithsdale (Sir)P
  William 1st Earl Of DouglasS died Mar 1384
  William 2nd Earl Of AngusC born Abt 1400 died 1437
  William Of ClunyC died 1475, Cluny, Fife, Scotland
  John ThursterS
  DavidC died Stirling, Scotland
  EuphemeC died 1501
  John Of Cargill And Stobhill, Justiciar Of Scotland (Sir)S died 1428
  John 1st Lord DrummondC,P died 1519
  Malcolm Of Cargill And Stobhill (Sir)C died 1470
  MargaretC died 1501
  SybillaC died 1501
  Walter Of Cargill And Stobill (Sir)C
  Walter Master Of DrummondS,C
  William Master Of DrummondC,P died Between Jul 1503 and Jul 1504
  James Earl Of FifeS
  Alexander Of WestfieldP
  Anne Of HempriggsS,P,P,P,P
  Benjamin 3rd Baronet Hempriggs (Sir)C born 28 Apr 1761, Hempriggs, Wick, Caithness, Scotland died 27 Jan 1843, Hempriggs, Wick, Caithness, Scotland bur. Wick, Caithness, Scotland
  Charlotte HempriggsS,C,P
  EdithS died 10 Jun 1934
  ElizabethC born After 1749
  Elizabeth Of HempriggsS,C,P,P,P,P,P died 21 Jul 1800, Edinburgh, Scotland
  Elizabeth WestfieldS died 3 Jun 1746
  George 4th Baronet Hempriggs (Sir)C born 6 Jan 1799, Hempriggs, Wick, Caithness, Scotland died 28 Aug 1875 bur. Wick, Caithness, Scotland
  James SutherlandC died 1741, Cartagena
  JanetC born Bef 1746 died 16 Sep 1769
  Janet Of HempriggsS,C,P
  JohnS,C born Abt 1726
  John 3rd Of HempriggsP,P,P died Abt 3 Apr 1666
  John Of HempriggsP
  LouisaC born 11 Apr 1788 died 10 Jun 1865
  MargaretP born Abt 1423 died Abt 1498
  MargaretC died 12 Dec 1779
  Patrick 3rd Baronet, Northfield (Sir)S,C,P born Abt 1676 died 5 Apr 1763
  Patrick 4th Earl Of DunbarP born 1152, Haddingtonshire, East Lothian, Scotland died 31 Dec 1232
  Rachel HempriggsC
  RobertC born 12 Apr 1801, Hempriggs, Wick, Caithness, Scotland died 18 Aug 1857
  Robert 2nd Baronet, Northfield (Sir)S,P,P
  Thomas Of GrangehillS
  William 2nd Baronet Hempriggs (Sir)S,C born Bef 1711 died 12 Jun 1793
  William 1st Baronet, NorthfieldS,S,P died 1711, Caithness, Scotland, United Kingdom
  William Matthew (Lt-Col.)P
  Margaret (Dame)S died Abt 1633
  Doris IreneP
  JanetS died Jul 1578

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