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Cocks Family


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11. Robinson Frederick Thomas "Fred" COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1878 and died in 1950 in Queensland, Australia at age 72.

12. Herbert Victor Thomas "Bert" COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born on 20 Aug-Dec 1879.

Herbert's Death Details : Y

13. Herbert Victor Thomas COCKS (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1879.

14. Daisy Elizabeth COCKS (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1883.

15. Daisy Elizabeth Whittle COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born on 6 Dec 1881.

Daisy's Death Details : Y

16. Chas Williams Reeves COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born on 23 Oct 1885 in Langwoornar Victoria and died on 25 Feb 1947 in Queensland, Australia at age 61.

17. Catherine Ivy COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born on 31 Jul 1886 in Victoria, Australia and died in 1943 at age 57.

Catherine married DOBSON.

's Death Details : Y

18. Thomas Langwoomar COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1888 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.

Thomas's Death Details : Y

19. Len COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) died on 22 Apr 1933.

20. Roy Kennett "Ken" COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born on 9 May 1891 in Axedale, Victoria, Australia.

21. Kate Ellen Addams COCKS 1 (Robinson Jnr4, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born on 13 Jun 1897.

22. Francis Ernest COCKS (John Thomas Harvey5, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1878.

Francis's Death Details : Y

Francis married Mabel Ann PENROSE in 1904.

Mabel's Death Details : Y

23. Edith Amy COCKS (John Thomas Harvey5, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1881.

Edith's Death Details : Y

Edith married George WIRTH in 1904.

George's Death Details : Y

24. Albert Edgar COCKS (John Thomas Harvey5, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1883.

Albert's Death Details : Y

Albert married Winifred Cecilia SLATTERY in 1909.

Winifred's Death Details : Y

25. Clive COCKS (John Thomas Harvey5, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1886 and died in 1886.

26. Harvey COCKS (John Thomas Harvey5, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1887.

Harvey's Death Details : Y

Harvey married Emma Lavinia GIBSON in 1910.

Emma's Death Details : Y

Children from this marriage were:

   36 F    i. Daisy Winifred COCKS was born in 1911.

Daisy married Keith LONG.

   37 M    ii. John Clive COCKS was born in 1913.

   38 F    iii. Edith Annie COCKS was born in 1915.

   39 F    iv. Mabel Frances COCKS was born in 1917.

   40 M    v. Graeme COCKS was born about 1920.

27. Vera COCKS (John Thomas Harvey5, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1890.

Vera's Death Details : Y

Vera married Norman Stanley MICHAEL in 1913.

Vera next married Norman Stanley MICHAEL in 1913.

Norman's Death Details : Y

28. Dorothy COCKS (John Thomas Harvey5, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1893.

Dorothy's Death Details : Y

29. William Shepperson COCKS 16 (Joseph Shepperson6, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1878 in Emerald Hill, Victoria, Australia,17 died on 1 Feb 1949 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia15 at age 71, and was buried in Victoria, Australia.3

William's Birth Details : Registration No: 15754.

William's Death Details : Registration No: 16331. Records give William's age as being 70 at the time of his death.


• RESIDENCE: 1937, Marong, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. 22

• RESIDENCE: Australia. 3

William married Christina Florence CLAYTON 23 in 1901. Christina was born in 1879 in Maro, Victoria,23 died on 25 Sep 1953 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia15 at age 74, and was buried in Victoria, Australia.3

Christina's Marriage Details : Registration No: 1048.

Christina's Birth Details : Christina's marriage records give her birth place as MELB however this is understood only to be the place of registration for her birth.


• RESIDENCE: Australia. 3

30. Ethel May COCKS 18 (Joseph Shepperson6, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1882 in Ehil18 and died on 10 Jan 1933 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia18 at age 51.

Ethel's Birth Details : Registration No: 9077.

Ethel's Death Details : Registration No: 12772. Records give Ethel's age as being 50 at the time of her death.


• RESIDENCE: Australia. 21

Ethel married George PERRY,10 son of Charles PERRY 1 and Lucy Ann Brett CHAPMAN,1 in 1904. George was born on 28 Oct 1879 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia5 and died on 6 Jun 1932 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia5 at age 52.

Ethel's Marriage Details : Registration No: 7615.

Children from this marriage were:

   41 F    i. Frances Marion PERRY 24 was born on 25 Oct 1905 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia25 and died on 8 Feb 1962 in Royal Melbourne Hospital Parkville Vic Australia5 at age 56.

Frances married Joseph Alexander FRASER.1 Joseph was born on 10 Sep 1905 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia and died in 1957 in Morwell, Latrobe Valley, Victoria 3840 at age 52.

   42 F    ii. Eileen Grace PERRY 26 was born on 18 Aug 1908 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.27

31. Amy Maud COCKS (Joseph Shepperson6, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1886 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.

Amy's Birth Details : Registration No: 18942.

Amy's Death Details : Y

32. Ina Moorabbee COCKS 19 (Joseph Shepperson6, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1888 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia,20 died on 14 Nov 1938 in West Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria 305820 at age 50, and was buried on 15 Nov 1938 in Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium, Fawkner, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Ina's Birth Details : Reg. Number: 4273. Ina's birth was registered in 1889 which suggests that she was born late in 1888.

Ina's Death Details : Registration No: 10691.

Douglas & Ina were living at 172 Hayes Road, Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria when she died at only 50 years of age.

Ina's Burial Details :
"Fawkner Crematorium And Memorial Park wishes to advise that the location of the buried remains of the late Ina Moorabbee Patton aged 50 are located at Church Of England: Compartment R Grave 1088."

PATTON Ina Moorabbee Fawkner Memorial ParkChurch Of EnglandFA-COE*R***1088 Interment15/11/1938

Source - Courtesy of the Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium Website


• RESIDENCE: 1909, Kilmore, Victoria 3764. 28

• RESIDENCE: 1914, Wallan, Victoria 3756. 22

• RESIDENCE: 1919, Wallan, Victoria 3756. 22

• RESIDENCE: 1937, Coburg, Bourke, Victoria, Australia. 28

• RESIDENCE: 1931, Coburg, Bourke, Victoria, Australia. 28

• Headstone / Cemetery Records: Headstone Ina Patton., 15 Nov 1938, Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium, Fawkner, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

• FUNERAL NOTICE: The Age, 15 Nov 1938, Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium, Fawkner, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

• OBITUARY: The Argus - In Memorial, 14 Nov 1955, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Biography - Sir Arthur Alfred Clement Cocks: 27 May 1862

Sir Arthur Alfred Clement Cocks (1862-1943), merchant and politician, was born on 27 May 1862 at Wild Duck Creek, Heathcote, Victoria, fourth son of English parents Thomas Cocks, farmer, and his wife Elizabeth, née Adams. About 1873 his father moved to Melbourne and set up as a hosier and tailor. Arthur was educated at a state school at Richmond and started work at 14 in a softgoods warehouse. About 1880 he joined W. Wood & Co., wholesale opticians, and became a commercial traveller. On 17 September 1884 at Richmond he married Elizabeth Agnes Gibb. In 1886 he was sent to Sydney to establish a branch of the firm. He gradually gained financial control and in 1899 registered his own firm, Arthur Cocks & Co., wholesale jewellers and opticians; he remained managing director until 1939. In 1911 the company was reconstructed and by 1914 he had set up branches in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.
Cocks became active in commercial circles. He was a trustee of the Savings Bank of New South Wales and was a director of the City Bank of Sydney, Arthur Rickard & Co. (Extended) Ltd, and the Australian Alliance Assurance Co. He also invested in the film industry and was a director of Spencer's Pictures Ltd, Australasian Films Ltd, the General Film Co. of Australia Ltd and Union Theatres Ltd. In 1916-18 Cocks was president of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce. Several times chairman of the Importers' Association of New South Wales, in 1940 he was first president of the new Wholesale Importers' Association. He contributed to the standardization of optometry in New South Wales.
Cocks had represented Lang Ward on the Sydney Municipal Council in 1906-14 and was lord mayor in 1913; he was vice-president of its electric light committee in 1909-14. In 1911, with Sir William McMillan and (Sir) Thomas Henley, he started litigation, which went to the Privy Council in 1915, to force the State government to use Government House only as the residence of the governor. He chaired the 1913 royal commission of inquiry into the question of a greater Sydney, which proposed the creation of inner and outer zones. He was founding president in 1921 of the Citizens' Reform Association.
Cocks was elected as a Liberal to the Legislative Assembly, for St Leonards, in October 1910 and held the seat as a Nationalist from 1917 until 1920; in 1920-25 he was a member for North Sydney. In the House he showed particular interest in the development of Sydney and the growth of its industry and commerce. On 20 December 1921 he was treasurer in Sir George Fuller's seven-hour ministry. He held the same portfolio in Fuller's coalition ministry from 13 April 1922. Faced with a deficit, Cocks preached economy and recommended that cabinet should enforce the Board of Trade's decision to reduce public servants' wages by 3s. By a tax agreement with the Commonwealth government he abolished duplication of income tax returns. He produced small surpluses in his two budgets, despite reducing income tax (from 1s. 3d. to 9d.) as well as other taxes. He also negotiated loans for the State in London. In 1924 he ordered (Sir) Bertram Stevens and John Spence, Public Service Board inspectors, to reorganize the Government Printing Office; some employees were retrenched or demoted and both inspectors promoted.
From early 1923 Cocks had hinted he would not stand at the next election. He was appointed K.B.E. in June and next year there was speculation about his possible nomination to the Legislative Council, but he resigned on 14 February 1925 and became agent-general in London. Melbourne Punch, 5 February 1925, approved of his appointment because 'this large, silent, slow-moving man with the dim eyes, the big head, and poker face leaves nothing whatever to chance'. While in London he was executive commissioner at the British Empire Exhibition. Cocks resigned on 17 September, after Jack Lang, premier from June, had attacked him in the House. Lang later alleged that as treasurer Cocks 'had faked the public accounts'. On his return to Australia in December, Sir Arthur expressed his disgust with public life; in the early 1930s he praised the New Guard.
A leading Congregational layman, deacon, lay preacher and Sunday school superintendent, Cocks consistently contributed to charities. He was a director of the Benevolent Society of New South Wales in 1913-19, a member of the board of the Carrington Centennial Hospital for Convalescents, Camden, and president of the Young Men's Christian Association in 1924-34. His appeals for film censorship and temperance seemed incongruous with his film interests and persistent cigar-smoking habits. He lent members of his staff the money to buy their houses and during the Depression often called at needy homes with boxes of groceries.
Cocks was very much a family man. He enjoyed tennis and auction bridge and was a member of the New South Wales Club. Afflicted by blindness and bronchitis, he died at Mosman on 25 April 1943 and was buried in the Congregational section of Northern Suburbs cemetery. He was predeceased by his wife, son and daughter. His estate was valued for probate at £42,908.


Greta Gerathy, 'Cocks, Sir Arthur Alfred Clement (1862-1943)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University, , published first in hardcopy 1981. This article was first published in hardcopy in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 8, (MUP), 1981

J. T. Lang, I Remember (Syd, 1956) New South Wales Law Reports, 13 (1913), 295 Commonwealth Law Reports, 16 (1914), 404 Attorney-General for New South Wales v J. L. Williams, Law Reports, Appeal Cases (House of Lords and Privy Council), 1915 Sydney Morning Herald, 2 June 1923, 17 Feb 1925, 26 Apr 1943 Carruthers papers (State Library of New South Wales) YMCA, minutes, 81st annual business meeting 1935 (Sydney) newsclippings, vol 157, 18-27 (State Library of New South Wales).

Ina married Douglas William Arthur PATTON,29 son of Charles Douglas PATTON 31 and Caroline Mary Alice SCOTT,32 on 8 Feb 1908 in The Manse, Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Victoria.30 Douglas was born on 25 May 1884 in Wallan, Victoria 3756,33 died on 8 Dec 1969 in Longwood, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria 366520 at age 85, and was buried on 10 Dec 1969 in Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium, Fawkner, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

An interview conducted by Gary Patton with his Grandfather Ernie Patton on the 11th December 1996.

Douglas was born in a house just out from Wallan near the turn-off to Wandong & Whittlesea.

When he was young he was playing at a creek near his home, whilst attempting to jump the Merri Creek he landed awkwardly breaking his right hip.

He was to undergo numerous operations in an attempt to rectify the damage which manifested itself in him having one leg shorter than the other.

During the years following his accident his brother Arthur would loyally carry him to school, this was no insignificant feat as the boys used to go to the Upper Plenty School. Arthur would have to cart his brother all the way down the Gap Road to get to school, and home again.

Douglas was subsequently fitted with an elevated shoe to compensate for the difference in his leg length.

As a young man, Douglas worked with his father and brothers in the sawmill at the Wallan railyards (later known as Wallan East when the main township moved towards the old Hume Highway), (as mentioned in information relating to his father)

Douglas, with his wife Ina, and family moved to Merlyston, a suburb of Melbourne, where he and his two sons Douglas (Doug) and Ernest (Ernie) opened and operated a wood yard at 41 Boundary Road, Merlynston. Their home was situated on the same block of land. It was to here that Doug (Jnr) would cart timber in the back of an old Dodge car from Wallan to Merlynston, where it would be cut at the wood yard and sold as firewood in and around Melbourne. They then moved to 172 O'Hea's Road in Coburg, it was at this home that they were living when Douglas' wife, Ina, died.

Douglas, his daughter Carrie (Caroline) and elder son Doug Jnr, went to live at Longwood for a very brief period of time for the purpose of obtaining work cutting timber. Following this they then returned to their home in Melbourne.

Whilst cutting timber in a large shed at 1044 Sydney Road, Coburg, Douglas was involved in an accident.
As he was pushing the timber through the saw he had all four fingers on his right hand ripped off by the blades.
Following surgical intervention they were able to successfully reattach his index finger by wiring it to the joint. It was at this time that his doctor 'jokingly' remarked that if he wanted to remove the index finger to 'come back and see him as he could do a cleaner job of it'. This was obviously in reference to the condition of Douglas' other amputated fingers.
To protect the stubs of the fingers of his right hand Douglas wore a leather shield.
Almost 6 weeks following the original accident Douglas was to again suffer an injury at the hands of a saw blade, and in deference to his doctors advice, he cut off his right index finger.

It was in 1942 that Douglas again returned to Longwood, this time with Carrie and Ernie and Mavis with their young family (Shirley & lan). This was again, supposedly, intended as a short term 12 month stay.

Douglas and Ernie were to be employed by a Mr Dudley, only for a period of 12 months.
The purpose of this arrangement was for Douglas, Ernie and Doug (he arrived approximately 6 months after the rest of the family with his wife Molly and young daughter Mary), to 'cut-out' a stack of timber for Mr Dudley.

Douglas, Carrie, Ernie and his family first moved in with the family of Jack Houston in the old hotel (turned residence) at the corner of Hill & Hurley Streets (this house is still owned by the Houston family)
The only other house that Douglas and Carrie lived in was when, as the only remaining Patton family members still living in the Houston household, they jointly purchased with Ernie the house(s) on the corner of Maxfield and Withers Streets.

Douglas became known by his grandchildren and great granchildren as Dar. It was by this name that Dar is fondly remembered in his role as patriarch of the Patton family and his skill and handiwork at carpentry in which he produced a number of items of furniture for his family.
Calling him Dar also created a link to our Scottish roots that many children in the family were unaware of at the time.

A cabinet which he created following the birth of his great grandson Gary, as a baby wardrobe, is still a proud possession for Gary to this day.

As it turned out, Douglas lived in Longwood until his death, and in 1996 Ernie was still joking about the original 12 months that turned into more than half a century.

Ina's Marriage Details : Registration No: 1877

Douglas's Burial Details :
"Fawkner Crematorium And Memorial Park wishes to advise that the location of the buried remains of the late Douglas W A Patton aged 85 are located at Church Of England: Compartment R Grave 01088."

PATTON Douglas W AFawkner Memorial ParkChurch Of England
FA-COE*R***01088 Interment10/12/1969

Source - Courtesy of the Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium Website,

Douglas was prolific with his involvement in the Wallan Community, from being a the President of the Wallan Men's Club through to being involved in meetings concerning timber carting in the area, he was a member of the Wallan Football Club.

It would be impossible to post all the articles that have been found within the Trove Newspaper Search Engine in Australia so I have tagged as many as possible with the following link to enable the reader to investigate these documents themselves.


• Attended Upper Plenty School: 1890.

• RESIDENCE: 1909, Kilmore, Victoria 3764. 22

• House Fire: Douglas & Ina lose everything in a house fire, 12 Jun 1913, Upper Plenty, Victoria.
Ina with her two youngest children, Ina Grace "Grace" (2 years) & Caroline Francis "Carrie" (6 months) were lucky to escape with their lives on the night of the 12th of June, 1913 when a lamp exploded. It is assumed that young, 5 year old, Douglas Charles may have been away from the house with his father at the time.

This was actually the eve of Grace's 2nd birthday.

The following article is from The Age, 13 Jun 1913

WALLAN. '97 A new four-roomed weatherboard dwelling,, owned by Mr. Christopher Mahady at Upper Plenty, and occupied by Mr. D. Patton, was burnt to the ground last night, and the whole of the contents consumed. Mr. Patton was absent from home, and Mrs.Patton and two children just had time to escape from the, building in their night attire. It is not yet known whether the house was insured, but there was no insurance on Mr. Patton's furniture, and they lost everything, even to their clothes. The cause of the fire Is said to be the explosion of a lamp.

• RESIDENCE: 1914, Wallan, Victoria 3756. 22

• RESIDENCE: 1918, Broadford, Victoria 3658. Douglas was registered on the electoral rolls as living in Broadford in 1918. It is unknown why they were in Broadford, perhaps work related but this is consistent with what Ernie told his Grandson, Gary Patton about being born in Broadford. His birth was registered in Essendon.

• Community Activities: President Wallan Men's Club, 31 Jan 1918, Wallan, Victoria 3756. In 1918 Douglas was the President of the Wallan Men's Club.

Kilmore Free Press, Thursday 31 January 1918

Wallan Men's Club.
(From Own Our Correspondent)

The weekly meeting of the Wallan Men's Club was held on Thursday evening,; and there was a. good attendance.
The president (Mr Patton) occupied the chair. The audited balance sheet. of the sports held on Boxinfg Day was presented
and it showed a credit balance of over £45 of which sum the Wallan Red Cross Society raised £22 through running the
refreshment, rooms at the sports. The balance sheet was adopted, and a hearty vote of thanks tendered the Wallan Red
Cross for their assistance. It was decided to place the money in the Melbourne branch of the Commonwealth Bank, and Messrs W.. Munro. F. O'Hanlon, and J. Grills were appointed, trustees to operate the account, as required. The matter of instituting a welcome home district soldiers was, discussed for some
time and the members generally favored the idea.. The question, of the best. method of raising funds for this purpose was also discussed, but it was finally decided to defer any further action unti the next.meeting of the clubs. Messrs: Grills and Gymer were appointed the leaders pro and con of the debate one
"Should The Totalisator Be Legalised" which is to be held on Thursday next. Mr L. Bell was elected:assistant secretary of the
club; vice Mr A. Arnold. who has been transferred to Birchip.

• RESIDENCE: 1919, Wallan, Victoria 3756. 22

• Business Owner: Wallan Sawmill Purchase reported in The Argus, 27 Sep 1922, Wallan East, Victoria 3756.

The firewood mill business at Wallan railway station, carried on for some time by Messrs, Minchiti Bros, has been sold to Mr. D. Patton, of Wallan East.

• Community Activities: Wallan Men's Club Debate, 22 Oct 1925, Wallan, Victoria 3756. Kilmore Free Press, Thursday 29 Oct 1925

The Wallan Men's Club held a debate on Thursday last on " Is the Power of the Press detrimental to the best interests of the public ?" Mr Doug. Patton led the negative team, and Mr W. J.
Munro the affirmative. The negative side won by 79 points to 76. The next debate is to be " Should State Government be abolished ?" New members are joining the Club every week, and in training men to speak in public, the club is rendering a valuable service to the community.
The club executive is making an appeal for donations to provide, books for the new lending library. It is hoped to have the library opened for use within a few weeks.

This explains a lot, the Patton's don't like losing a "debate".

• Cricket: Memorial Cricket Game for Ian Mann, 28 Jan 1926, Wallan, Victoria 3756. Douglas Snr, Douglas Jnr & Alfred Theodore enjoyed hitting the odd cricket ball around.
Even his "gammy" leg obviously couldn't keep Douglas Snr down.

Kilmore Free Press, Thursday 28 January 1926

Darraweit v. Wallan.
This match: was commenced at Darraweit on Saturday. Wallan won the toss, and decided to bat. Both teams stood bare headed a ftr a few minutes in memory of Ian Mann, the Wallan.wicket keeper, who died last week.. The scores
so far are -

Wallan, Ist innings..
A. Patton, b C. Stockdale '...-; .. 42`
R. McDougall, lb w . . .. O
G Hansen c R Stockdale b C Stockdale 36"
H. Thomas, b C..Stockdale ... 1I
F. Sutton, run out .. .;. ... '4
S. Patullo, not out ... ... ,... 25
W. Morgan, lb w ..- .... ...
W. Hart, b C. Stockdale-- ... ". 0.
D. Patton, jun., b C. Stockdale.. 0
J. Cleve,. b C. Stockdale ... ... - 0
D. Patten sen. c Aungier b C Stockdale 4
Sundries ... .... 4- 4
Total .. ... 126
Darraweit,. 1st innings:
J..Stockdale e M'Dougall b Patullo, 65
J:. Johnson, c and b Hansen. _ ... 75
Sundries ... ... 7.
2: out for 147

• Business Owner: Saw Mill, 10 Mar 1926, Wallan East, Victoria 3756. Kilmore Free Press, Thursday 18th March 1926

From a Correspondent.

Mr Douglas Patton's sawmill in the railway siding at Wallan was destroyed by fire on 10th inst.
Mr Patton and three employees were at work at the mill, when apparently a spark from the engine set fire to the stack of wood nearby, and in a few minutes the whole mill was in flames. Mr
Patton was assisted by railway employees and others in his effotrs to save the mill, but owing to the water shortage very
little could be done. About 70 tons of unsawn firewood were destroyed in addition to the mill, consequently Mr Patton will lose heavily through the fire.

Douglas later went on to operate a wood yard in Merlynston in Melbourne. As to whether this fire was the catalyst for that move is yet to be determined.

• REFORMATION OF THE WALLAN CRICKET CLUB: The Argus, 10 Nov 1927, Wallan, Victoria 3756.
In the same local news report of the reformation of the Wallan Cricket Club and Douglas William Arthur Patton being elected President and his son Douglas Charles being appointed Secretary, it was also reported that Douglas Charles had put an axe through his foot.


Douglas Patton, aged 19 years, of Wallan East, received a severe cut on the foot from an axe with which he was cutting wood. He was take to Kilmore, where a doctor found it neccessary to insert a number of stitches in the foot.

The Wallan Cricket Club has re-formed. Mr.D. Patton, sen., was elected president, and Mr. D. Patton, jun., secretary.

• RESIDENCE: 21 Jun 1928, Merlynston, Melbourne, Victoria.
Kilmore Free Press, Thursday 21 June 1928

From a Correspondent

Mr and Mrs D. Patton, who left Wallan East recently to take up residence at Merlynston, were entertained at a social evening in the Wallan East hall on Thursday last. Speakers from local
sporting and public bodies referred in eulogistic terms of the many good qualities of the departing guests while all regretted their departure. Cr R. C.Hadfield, on behalf of the residents pre-
sented Mr and Mrs Patton with a wallet of notes.

• RESIDENCE: 172 O'hea's Road,, 1931-1938, Coburg, Victoria.

• RESIDENCE: 1943-1969, Longwood, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria 3665. 22

• RESIDENCE: 1954, Longwood, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria 3665. 22

• Fact: Dar built a baby wardrobe, 27 Jun 1962, Longwood, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria 3665.

Douglas "Dar" built a baby wardrobe on the birth of his Great-Grandson Gary Patton.
Though originally a cream color with stickers of a Duck and a Goose on either door, it was later painted "Railway Blue" and then "Railway Green".
In his early 40's Gary refurbished it into a drinks / display cabinet, inserting glass into the door and glass shelves.
The original cabinet still remains, particularly the decorative sides which Douglas reclaimed from an old mantel piece.
A treasured item for Gary until this day. On the top of the cabinet are photos of Gary as a baby.

Children from this marriage were:

   43 M    i. Douglas Charles PATTON 34 was born on 22 Oct 1908 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia,34 died on 28 Aug 1986 in Seymour Hospital, Seymour, Victoria, Australia at age 77, and was buried in Old Longwood Cemetery, Longwood, Victoria, Australia.

Douglas's Birth Details : Registration No: 27614.

Douglas married Mary Winifred "Molly" PINCHES,1 daughter of Tom PINCHES and Polly UNKNOWN, on 18 Apr 1932 in St. Paul's, Ascot Vale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Mary was born on 12 Sep 1911 in Sheffield, England, died on 10 Oct 2007 in Seymour, Victoria, Australia at age 96, and was buried in Old Longwood Cemetery, Longwood, Victoria, Australia.


• OBITUARY: Herald Sun, 12 Oct 2007, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

PATTON. - Mary Winifred "Molly" On October 10, 2007 At Barrabill House, Seymour Late of Longwood Beloved wife of Douglas (dec. ). Loved and loving mother and mother-in-law of Mary and Frank (dec. ), Doug and Margaret, Nancy and Mick, Joe (dec. ), Alfred (Wall) and Lorraine and Joe. Loving Grandma to her grandchildren and her great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Reunited With Dad.

   44 F    ii. Ina Grace "Grace" PATTON 22 was born on 13 Jun 1911 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia, died on 21 Jan 2007 at age 95, and was buried on 25 Jan 2007 in Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park Protestant Compartment A Grave 1326.

Ina's Birth Details : Registration No: 20682.

The Funeral Service for Mrs Grace Gowler will be held in the Joseph Allison Chapel, 941 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon on THURSDAY (Jan. 25, 2007) commencing at 1 p.m. At the conclusion of the Service the cortege will proceed to Fawkner Cemetery.

Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park wishes to advise that the location of the buried remains of the late Ina Grace Gowler who passed away on Sunday, January 21, 2007, aged 95 are located at Protestant Compartment A Grave 1326.

Ina married Henry George Charles "Harry" GOWLER.,35 son of Charles GOWLER and Christina. Henry was born in Jul 1901 in Durham, United Kingdom,35 died on 9 Oct 1983 in Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia5 at age 82, and was buried on 11 Oct 1983 in Fawkner Crematorium & Memorial Park Protestant Compartment A Grave 1326.

   45 F    iii. Caroline Francis "Carrie" PATTON 20 was born on 14 Jan 1913 in Kilmore, Victoria 3764,20 died on 9 Feb 1981 in Parkville, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia20 at age 68, and was buried on 12 Feb 1981 in Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium, Fawkner, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She had no known marriage and no known children.

Caroline's Birth Details : Registration No: 5003.
Records show Carrie as being born in Kilmore, this may however have only been the place of registration for her birth.

Caroline's Burial Details : "Fawkner Crematorium And Memorial Park wishes to advise that the location of the cremated remains of the late Caroline Patton who passed away on Monday, February 09, 1981, aged 68 are located at Garden Of Remembrance 4 Wall Niches Compartment F Side S Row 6 Niche 3."
[Courtesy of the Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium Website]

Caroline was known as 'Carrie". Carrie was well known around the
Longwood area for her work with the Red Cross and other community
activities, including active involvement in the St Andrews Church of
England community. She lived with, and cared for her father through
until his death. Her strong commitment to her family saw her often in
the company of her nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews
baking cakes scones or ANZAC biscuits.

   46 M    iv. Joshua Junes PATTON 20 was born in 1914 in Wallan, Victoria 375620 and died in 1915 in Wallan, Victoria 375620 at age 1.

Joshua's Death Details : Registration No: 15655. Josh died at 1yrs of age.

   47 M    v. Joseph Innes PATTON was born in 1915 in Wallan, Victoria 3756.

Joseph's Birth Details : Registration No: 17250.

   48 M    vi. Ernest Alfred "Ernie" PATTON was born on 17 Feb 1918 in Broadford, Victoria, Australia, died on 7 Mar 2009 in Amaroo Aged Care, Euroa, Victoria, Australia at age 91, and was buried on 13 Mar 2009 in Old Longwood Cemetery, Longwood, Victoria, Australia.

Ernest's Birth Details : Registration No: 2847, Place of Registration: Essendon, Victoria.
Although Ernie was born at the Broadford Hospital, his family was at the time living at Wallan East.

Ernest married Mavis Maude LENNOX, daughter of Thomas James LENNOX 34 and Mabel Alice Francis "May" WHITE,36 on 15 Feb 1936 in Merlynston, Melbourne, Victoria. Mavis was born on 26 Aug 1917, died on 15 Sep 1988 in Gouburn Valley Base Hospital, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia at age 71, and was buried on 17 Sep 1988 in Old Longwood Cemetery, Longwood, Victoria, Australia.

Mavis was known by her children as Mum and by her grandchildren and her Great-Granchildren as Grandma. She used to work in a textiles factory in Coburg in Melbourne.

Mavis was the Great-Grand-Daughter of William George Edward Barron, the first white / european child to be born in Western Australia. His father was an Irish Army Colour Sargeant, Col. Sgt. Edward Hugh Barrow who was posted to the colonies and opened the first tavern, dairy & bakery in Perth, Western Australia.. His story is included in Mavis' information.

   49 F    vii. Esma PATTON was born in 1919.

Esma's Birth Details : Registration No: 18847, Place of Registration: Essendon, Victoria.

Esma married Harold Charles SHELLEY, son of M. J. SHELLEY.

   50 M    viii. Leslie Ray PATTON was born on 20 Jan 1921, died on 1 Nov 1997 at age 76, and was buried on 4 Nov 1997 in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia.

Leslie married Ivy May SHARP. Ivy was born on 12 Feb 1921 in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia and died on 15 Nov 1999 at age 78.

33. Mary Ann COCKS 21 (Joseph Shepperson6, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1890 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 and died in 1891 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 at age 1.

Mary's Birth Details : Registration No: 13776.

Mary's Death Details : Registration No: 2054. Mary Ann died at 10mths of age.


• RESIDENCE: Australia. 21

34. Ella Isabel COCKS 21 (Joseph Shepperson6, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1893 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 and died in 1894 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 at age 1.

Ella's Birth Details : Registration No: 13583

Ella's Death Details : Registration No: 2106. Ella died at 9mths of age.


• RESIDENCE: Australia. 21

35. Frances Mabel COCKS (Joseph Shepperson6, Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1895 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia and died in 1968 in Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at age 73.

Frances's Birth Details : Registration No: 12919.

Frances's Death Details : Registration No: 1068. Records give Frances' age at her time of death as being 72.

Frances married John Charles KENYON in 1919.

Frances's Marriage Details : Registration No: 7167

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