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Cocks Family


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4. Robinson COCKS Jnr 10 (Robinson Snr2, John1) was born on 10 Jul 1852 in Collingwood, City of Yarra, Victoria 3066, died on 22 Apr 1933 in Pitt Town, New South Wales, Australia5 at age 80, and was buried in Pitt Town, New South Wales, Australia.

Robinson's Burial Details : There is a grave at the Pitt Town Cemetery [ROW 2 PLOT 1] ,also known as "Pitt Town General Cemetery, Pitt Town" and "Old Stock Route Road Cemetery, Pitt Town" for Robinson Cocks, it states his age at death as being 80 years old.

Robinson married Catherine Elizabeth COCKS 1 in 1876. Catherine was born on 16 May 1853 in Bloomfield Terrace, Pimbrice, London and died on 7 Jun 1909 in Allora, Queensland, Australia at age 56.

Catherine's Marriage Details : Registration No: 4694.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 11 M    i. Robinson Frederick Thomas "Fred" COCKS 1 was born in 1878 and died in 1950 in Queensland, Australia at age 72.

+ 12 M    ii. Herbert Victor Thomas "Bert" COCKS 1 was born on 20 Aug-Dec 1879.

+ 13 M    iii. Herbert Victor Thomas COCKS was born in 1879.

+ 14 F    iv. Daisy Elizabeth COCKS was born in 1883.

+ 15 F    v. Daisy Elizabeth Whittle COCKS 1 was born on 6 Dec 1881.

+ 16 M    vi. Chas Williams Reeves COCKS 1 was born on 23 Oct 1885 in Langwoornar Victoria and died on 25 Feb 1947 in Queensland, Australia at age 61.

+ 17 F    vii. Catherine Ivy COCKS 1 was born on 31 Jul 1886 in Victoria, Australia and died in 1943 at age 57.

+ 18 M    viii. Thomas Langwoomar COCKS 1 was born in 1888 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.

+ 19 M    ix. Len COCKS 1 died on 22 Apr 1933.

+ 20 M    x. Roy Kennett "Ken" COCKS 1 was born on 9 May 1891 in Axedale, Victoria, Australia.

+ 21 F    xi. Kate Ellen Addams COCKS 1 was born on 13 Jun 1897.

5. John Thomas Harvey COCKS (Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1854 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia and died in 1938 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia at age 84.

John's Birth Details : Registration No: 7123.

John's Death Details : Registration No: 15719. Records show John as being 84yrs at his time of death.

John married Jane Frances WHITE in 1875. Jane was born in England, UK.

Jane's Marriage Details : Registration No: 4090.

Jane's Death Details : Y

Children from this marriage were:

+ 22 M    i. Francis Ernest COCKS was born in 1878.

+ 23 F    ii. Edith Amy COCKS was born in 1881.

+ 24 M    iii. Albert Edgar COCKS was born in 1883.

+ 25 M    iv. Clive COCKS was born in 1886 and died in 1886.

+ 26 M    v. Harvey COCKS was born in 1887.

+ 27 F    vi. Vera COCKS was born in 1890.

+ 28 F    vii. Dorothy COCKS was born in 1893.

6. Joseph Shepperson COCKS 11 (Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1856 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia,3 died on 5 Jan 1899 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia3 at age 43, and was buried in Victoria, Australia.3

Joseph's Birth Details : Registration No: 13495.

Joseph's Death Details : Registration No: 2002. Records give Joseph's age at his time of death as being 42 yrs old.


• RESIDENCE: Australia. 3

Joseph married Annie Grace "Grace" BRUFFELL,13 daughter of Alex BRUFFELL and Annie LYONS, in 1878 in Victoria, Australia.14 Annie was born in 1862 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia,15 died on 18 Apr 1915 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia15 at age 53, and was buried in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.3

Annie's Marriage Details : Registration No: 780.

Annie's Death Details : Registration No: 5393. Records show Grace as being 70yrs at her time of death.


• RESIDENCE: Australia. 3

• OBITUARY: McIvor Times, 22 Apr 1915, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.

It is our sad duty this week to have to record the death, which took place at her residence, High street, early on Sunday morning last, of a very highly es- teemed resident of Heathcote in the person of Mrs Annie Grace Cocks, widow of the late Mr Joseph S. Cocks, J.P., and daughter of the late Mr Alexander Bruffell, both of whom were local citizens. Mrs Cocks, who was a native of this town, was only 53 years of age, and had been confined to her bed for about six weeks. Although she showed signs of improvement a few days prior to her death her condition was considered most critical almost from the first. The news that there had passed away one who was so well known, so universally esteemed or might we say loved on account of her kind and gentle nature, her genuine though jovial disposition, and her true womanly character, struck a note of sadness to the heart of all with whom she had been acquainted. For the profession of a nurse, which until three years ago Mrs Cocks carried on at her private hospital for some time, such natural qualifications as she possessed rendered her most suitable. Not only had she been a source of comfort to the many who were from time to time entrusted to her care under her own roof, but she was always ready to render assistance to those in trouble and more distantly situated. Mrs Cocks, who was married at Bendigo 35 years ago, was predeceased by her husband by sixteen years. The family who are left to mourn their sad and untimely loss, and for whom general sympathy is expressed, are Mrs G. Perry and Miss. Frances M. (Flossie) Cocks, of this town, Mrs E. W. Neck (Eaglehawk), Mrs D. Patton (Wallan), and Mr Wm. S. Cocks (Leichardt). The funeral took place on Monday after noon, and out of respect to the memory of the deceased lady, was very largely attended, the place of interment being the Heathcote Cemetery. The pall bearers were Messrs. S. M. Brown. J.P., J. J. Farley, J.P., W. Parkinson, H. Christie, J. Hyslop and J. Flowers, the bearers being Messrs. T. B. Merifield, W. G. Drewett, H. Lewis. J. Chapman, C. Chapman and A. Safstrom. The burial service was read by the Rev. W. Bennett, who, at the conclusion of the service, gave a very impressive address, referring to the deceased lady, in high terms of praise, as one who would be missed as a devoted helper to those in sickness, as a comforter, and one who was ever ready to do good. The funeral was conducted by Messrs. Perry Bros. There were a large number of nice floral tributes.(McIvor Times 22 Apr 1915)

Source -

Children from this marriage were:

+ 29 M    i. William Shepperson COCKS 16 was born in 1878 in Emerald Hill, Victoria, Australia,17 died on 1 Feb 1949 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia15 at age 71, and was buried in Victoria, Australia.3

+ 30 F    ii. Ethel May COCKS 18 was born in 1882 in Ehil18 and died on 10 Jan 1933 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia18 at age 51.

+ 31 F    iii. Amy Maud COCKS was born in 1886 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.

+ 32 F    iv. Ina Moorabbee COCKS 19 was born in 1888 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia,20 died on 14 Nov 1938 in West Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria 305820 at age 50, and was buried on 15 Nov 1938 in Fawkner Cemetery & Crematorium, Fawkner, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+ 33 F    v. Mary Ann COCKS 21 was born in 1890 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 and died in 1891 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 at age 1.

+ 34 F    vi. Ella Isabel COCKS 21 was born in 1893 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 and died in 1894 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia21 at age 1.

+ 35 F    vii. Frances Mabel COCKS was born in 1895 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia and died in 1968 in Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at age 73.

7. Catherine Elizabeth COCKS (Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1859 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia.

Catherine's Birth Details : Registration No: 3729.

Catherine's Death Details : Y

Catherine married Alexander Sykes McGILLIVRAY in 1879. Alexander was born in Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Catherine's Marriage Details : Registration No: 2896.
No children were recorded for this marriage up until 1888.

Alexander's Death Details : Y

8. Amy COCKS 1 (Robinson Snr2, John1) was born in 1860 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia and died on 17 Nov 1862 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia at age 2.

Amy's Birth Details : Registration No: 15402.

Amy's Death Details : Registration No: 1451.
Records show Amy as being 2yrs at her time of death.

9. Frederick Shepperson Martin COCKS (Thomas3, John1) was born in 1857 in Lond and died in 1866 at age 9.

Frederick's Birth Details : It is uncertain if LOND is for London, if so that would mean that Frederick's father Thomas came to Australia at least 7 years after his brother Robinson. More research required.

Frederick's Death Details : Registration No: 11670.

10. Arthur Alfred Clement COCKS (Thomas3, John1) was born on 27 May 1862 in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia and died in 1943 at age 81.

Arthur's Birth Details : Registration No: 8684.

Arthur's Death Details : Y

Biography - Sir Arthur Alfred Clement Cocks: 27 May 1862

Sir Arthur Alfred Clement Cocks (1862-1943), merchant and politician, was born on 27 May 1862 at Wild Duck Creek, Heathcote, Victoria, fourth son of English parents Thomas Cocks, farmer, and his wife Elizabeth, née Adams. About 1873 his father moved to Melbourne and set up as a hosier and tailor. Arthur was educated at a state school at Richmond and started work at 14 in a softgoods warehouse. About 1880 he joined W. Wood & Co., wholesale opticians, and became a commercial traveller. On 17 September 1884 at Richmond he married Elizabeth Agnes Gibb. In 1886 he was sent to Sydney to establish a branch of the firm. He gradually gained financial control and in 1899 registered his own firm, Arthur Cocks & Co., wholesale jewellers and opticians; he remained managing director until 1939. In 1911 the company was reconstructed and by 1914 he had set up branches in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.
Cocks became active in commercial circles. He was a trustee of the Savings Bank of New South Wales and was a director of the City Bank of Sydney, Arthur Rickard & Co. (Extended) Ltd, and the Australian Alliance Assurance Co. He also invested in the film industry and was a director of Spencer's Pictures Ltd, Australasian Films Ltd, the General Film Co. of Australia Ltd and Union Theatres Ltd. In 1916-18 Cocks was president of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce. Several times chairman of the Importers' Association of New South Wales, in 1940 he was first president of the new Wholesale Importers' Association. He contributed to the standardization of optometry in New South Wales.
Cocks had represented Lang Ward on the Sydney Municipal Council in 1906-14 and was lord mayor in 1913; he was vice-president of its electric light committee in 1909-14. In 1911, with Sir William McMillan and (Sir) Thomas Henley, he started litigation, which went to the Privy Council in 1915, to force the State government to use Government House only as the residence of the governor. He chaired the 1913 royal commission of inquiry into the question of a greater Sydney, which proposed the creation of inner and outer zones. He was founding president in 1921 of the Citizens' Reform Association.
Cocks was elected as a Liberal to the Legislative Assembly, for St Leonards, in October 1910 and held the seat as a Nationalist from 1917 until 1920; in 1920-25 he was a member for North Sydney. In the House he showed particular interest in the development of Sydney and the growth of its industry and commerce. On 20 December 1921 he was treasurer in Sir George Fuller's seven-hour ministry. He held the same portfolio in Fuller's coalition ministry from 13 April 1922. Faced with a deficit, Cocks preached economy and recommended that cabinet should enforce the Board of Trade's decision to reduce public servants' wages by 3s. By a tax agreement with the Commonwealth government he abolished duplication of income tax returns. He produced small surpluses in his two budgets, despite reducing income tax (from 1s. 3d. to 9d.) as well as other taxes. He also negotiated loans for the State in London. In 1924 he ordered (Sir) Bertram Stevens and John Spence, Public Service Board inspectors, to reorganize the Government Printing Office; some employees were retrenched or demoted and both inspectors promoted.
From early 1923 Cocks had hinted he would not stand at the next election. He was appointed K.B.E. in June and next year there was speculation about his possible nomination to the Legislative Council, but he resigned on 14 February 1925 and became agent-general in London. Melbourne Punch, 5 February 1925, approved of his appointment because 'this large, silent, slow-moving man with the dim eyes, the big head, and poker face leaves nothing whatever to chance'. While in London he was executive commissioner at the British Empire Exhibition. Cocks resigned on 17 September, after Jack Lang, premier from June, had attacked him in the House. Lang later alleged that as treasurer Cocks 'had faked the public accounts'. On his return to Australia in December, Sir Arthur expressed his disgust with public life; in the early 1930s he praised the New Guard.
A leading Congregational layman, deacon, lay preacher and Sunday school superintendent, Cocks consistently contributed to charities. He was a director of the Benevolent Society of New South Wales in 1913-19, a member of the board of the Carrington Centennial Hospital for Convalescents, Camden, and president of the Young Men's Christian Association in 1924-34. His appeals for film censorship and temperance seemed incongruous with his film interests and persistent cigar-smoking habits. He lent members of his staff the money to buy their houses and during the Depression often called at needy homes with boxes of groceries.
Cocks was very much a family man. He enjoyed tennis and auction bridge and was a member of the New South Wales Club. Afflicted by blindness and bronchitis, he died at Mosman on 25 April 1943 and was buried in the Congregational section of Northern Suburbs cemetery. He was predeceased by his wife, son and daughter. His estate was valued for probate at £42,908.


Greta Gerathy, 'Cocks, Sir Arthur Alfred Clement (1862-1943)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University, , published first in hardcopy 1981. This article was first published in hardcopy in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 8, (MUP), 1981

J. T. Lang, I Remember (Syd, 1956) New South Wales Law Reports, 13 (1913), 295 Commonwealth Law Reports, 16 (1914), 404 Attorney-General for New South Wales v J. L. Williams, Law Reports, Appeal Cases (House of Lords and Privy Council), 1915 Sydney Morning Herald, 2 June 1923, 17 Feb 1925, 26 Apr 1943 Carruthers papers (State Library of New South Wales) YMCA, minutes, 81st annual business meeting 1935 (Sydney) newsclippings, vol 157, 18-27 (State Library of New South Wales).

Arthur married Elizabeth Agnes GIBB on 17 Sep 1884 in Richmond, City of Yarra, Victoria 3121.

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