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2. Henry HARRISON (Henry1) was born on 27 Jan 1816 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England and was christened on 27 Jan 1816 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England.

3. George HARRISON (CONVICT) 1 (Henry1) was born in Nov 1817 in St.Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, was christened on 16 Nov 1817 in St.Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, died on 25 Jun 1876 in Albury, New South Wales, Australia1 at age 58, and was buried on 27 Jun 1876 in Albury Pioneer Cemetery, Albury, New South Wales, Australia.

Death Notes: (Reg No. 4287. Mother listed as Mary).
The hospital that George died in was Albury's first public hospital, and was at that time situated in Thurgoona Street, Albury).

Burial Notes:
Although in an unmarked grave, research by Gary Patton in 1990 has indicated that the most probable site for George's grave is "Plan 1 Section B Row 1 No.22" of the Albury Pioneer Cemetery.

To get to this location you enter the cemetery through the Lynch Gates, 1st row on left go in 9 rows, then walk in 19 graves. His grave is apparently next to the grave of a Hall which bears a monument, or marker. Prior to the establishment of the Albury Cemetery (now known as the Albury Pioneer Cemetery), the burial site in Albury was at Sth Albury, near Gray's).

The first burial at the Albury Pioneer Cemetery occurred in 1860 when bodies in the Albury South Cemetery were exhumed and re-buried at the new cemetery. The first being a Dr.Creighton in 1860.

General Notes:

George was a Sawyer and Carrier.

When he and Isabella Beaton married they lived at Winding Creek with Isabella's three young daughters. Winding Creek was later named Longwood (It is now known as Old Longwood, after the township was moved to it's present location next to the Railway line.) for awhile, then moved to Euroa, where their only son George was born.

George was a listed as a widower when he married Isabella Beaton, it is also interesting to note that both George and Isabella listed their addresses on the marriage registry as Winding Creek, which suggests that they moved from Murchison and may have lived together prior to their marriage.

Noted events in his life were:

World Events Happening At This Time: King William IV and Queen Adelaide Coronation, 8 Sep 1831.

Criminal Conviction: Larceny & theft of personal property with prior convictions., 11 Oct 1831, Lancashire / Liverpool Quarter Sessions.

George was tried at the Easter Session of the Lancashire / Liverpool Quarter Sessions.

He was convicted of "Larceny before convicted of Felony"

It was noted in the investigation of George that there were a number of Harrison's that were regular attendees in front of the Magistrate.

It would appear that the Magistrate wanted to get young George away from the environment that he was in and the path that he was treading and provided him with a Ticket of Leave and Transportation to The Colonies.

George was only 14 years old at the time of his conviction & subsequent transportation. Somewhat of a "Fagan's Child"

The duration of the voyage to Australia was six months.

Convict Transportation: Departed onboard the Gilmore, 31 Oct 1831, England.

Ticket Of Leave: George was appointed to work for a Mr. I. Campbell in the colonies., 31 Oct 1831, Tasmania, Australia.

A Ticket of Leave (TOL) was a document given to convicts when granting them freedom to work and live within a given district of the colony before their sentence expired or they were pardoned. TOL convicts could hire themselves out or be self-employed. They could also acquire property. Church attendance was compulsory, as was appearing before a Magistrate when required. Permission was needed before moving to another district and 'passports' were issued to those convicts whose work required regular travel between districts. Convicts applied through their masters to the Bench Magistrates for a TOL and needed to have served a stipulated portion of their sentence:

- 7 year terms needed 4 years service with 1, or 5 years with 2 masters
- 14 years needed 6 years with 1, 8 years with 2 or 12 years with 3 masters
- Lifers needed 8 years with 1, 10 years with 2 or 12 years with 3 masters

Convict Transportation: Arrived on, 22 Mar 1832, Van Diemen's Land.

Sailed on 31st October, 1831
Arrived 22nd March, 1832 at Van Diemen's Land
Average sentence: 8 Years | Life sentences: 35 | Passengers: 225

Death Certificate: 1876, Albury, New South Wales, Australia.
Death Certificate NSW Reg No:1736 25th June 1876 Hospital Albury NSW George Harrison Labourer Male Aged 58 yrs
Cause of Death: Phleganomons 2 months Last seen br Dr 23rd June 1876

Father: Henry Harrison Farmer Mother: Mary formerly Usher (Forshaw could be confused with Usher for those with limited literacy skills)
Informant: Isabella Harrison, Mile Creek
Registered: 29th June 1876 Albury Buried: 29th June 1876 Albury Minister : A Likely(?) Church of England
Born: Liverpool England 53 yrs in NSW Marriage: Melbourne Aged: 43 to Isabella formerly Wright Children: 2 Male living 3 Female living 1 female dead.

George married Mary Ann McCARTHEY, daughter of James McCARTHEY and Judy EGAN, on 17 Oct 1841. Mary was born in 1819 and was christened on 10 Oct 1819 in Loughmore and Castleiny, Tipperary, Ireland.

General Notes: Mary Ann may also have been known as Martha?

Noted events in her life were:

Mary immigrated on 3 Jun 1841 to Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 9 M    i. Matthew HARRISON was born in May 1843 in Newtown, Victoria, Australia.

+ 10 F    ii. Mary Ann HARRISON was born on 30 Mar 1844 in Newtown, Victoria, Australia and died on 24 Apr 1866 in Abury, New South Wales, Australia at age 22.

+ 11 F    iii. Margaret HARRISON 1 was born on 20 Jan 1846 in Newtown, Victoria, Australia1 and died on 22 Feb 1848 in Richmond, City of Yarra, Victoria 31211 at age 2.

George next married Isabella BEATON,1,2,3 daughter of William BEATON 2,3 and Jean "Jane" DICK,2,4,5,6 on 3 Nov 1848 in St.James Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Isabella was born before 2 Oct 1821 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland,1,3,7,8 was christened on 2 Oct 1821 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, died on 21 Oct 1882 in Euroa, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria 3666,1 and was buried on 22 Oct 1882 in Euroa Cemetery, Euroa, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria, 3666.

Burial Notes: (Isabella's funeral was conducted by James Weir who was a Minister of
the Presbyterian Church).

Noted events in her life were:

Isabella immigrated on 28 May 1841 to Australia.

The Burning of the Barque India: 1841, !Fix this Location - 1

Isabella with her brother William and his wife Mary sailed on the "India" in 1841 to Australia.

The Following Article Is From The Greenock Advertiser, 25 May, 1841

The sailing ship the India sailed from Greenock Scotland on 4
June 1841 carrying 193 bounty immigrants and crew bound for the Australian colony of Port Phillip. On the 20th July, six weeks into the voyage and being some 200 miles from land and 1200 miles from Rio de Janeiro, the ship caught fire and sunk. 17 Souls perished in the disaster with the remainder being rescued by the crew of a French whaling vessel the Roland.The survivors were conveyed to Rio de Janeiro where the British Government hired another ship the Grindlay to transport them to Port Phillip where they arrived on 22 October, some four and a half months after leaving Scotland.


The following account of the India's encounter with pirates was published in the Port Phillip Patriot on Monday October 25, 1841;

About a fortnight before the burning of the India, when about 5 deg.N. of the line, she sighted a brig, evidently from her movements a pirate. This vessel rapidly gained on the India, and on coming within speaking distance shortened sail and hove to; on being informed in answer to questions put, that the India was bound for this port with passengers, the pirate forged a head, but after increasing her distance, to about a quarter of a mile, she wore round and passed the India on the other tack. The alarm, however, excited on board the latter vessel in consequence, soon subsided, on the pirate, after asking if anyone on board could speak Spanish, passing them without any attempt at molestation.This vessel was a few days after captured by H.M. brig Acorn, 16 guns, and brought into Rio de Janiero; her crew consisted of 63 persons, who were sent as prisoners to the island of St Helena. The Acorn a short time previous to the capture of the pirate brig, had taken a slaver with 300 unfortunate souls on board.

The following report on the capture of a pirate ship was published in The Edinburgh Oct / Nov 1841.

The Journal du Havre publishes the following report on the capture of the Gabriel, communicated by Captain Blay, of the Jeune Pauline, just arrived at Havre from Rio Janeiro:- " The English brig Acorn having, in lat. 5.N perceived at great distance a vessel pillaging another, made chase, and instantly the Gabriel hoisted all her sail, and endeavoured to escape. At three in the afternoon the Acorn fired, and the Gabriel returned the fire, at the same time hoisting Portuguese colours. The chase continued for 12 hours, during the whole of which time firing was kept up by both vessels, but eventually the Gabriel was dismasted, and captured.She was sent to St Helena, but her crew, consisting of fifty- eight men, Spaniards and others, were put on board an English vessel at Rio. The captain jumped overboard during the chase, with all his papers.The merchandise found on board the Gabriel was valued at 8000 pounds. The Acorn had not time to ascertain to what country the vessel which was being pillaged by the Gabriel belonged, but she carried English colours. Captain Blay also reports that the English merchants resident at Rio have presented Captain Lecosannet, of the Roland, with a handsome gold chronometer and snuff box, and given to each of his crew a hundred francs, in testimony of the sense entertained of their humanity in saving the crew and passengers of the India.

A spectacular painting titled "The Burning of the barque India of Greenock 1841" by Samuel Elyard (1817 - 1910) is held in the collection of The Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.
From the shipping list Isabella and Mary were both 19 years old and William 21 years of age.

Isabella Beaton, A Pioneer Australian Woman: 1842, Murchison, Victoria 3610

On September 7, 1842 Isabella married John Pike. Isabella would have provided for all her family's scholastic needs following this, as when she was on the Goulbourn Aboriginal Protectorate in 1843, she was appointed School Mistress, or Matron.

At the time when John and Isabella were in Murchison the school was attached to the Protectorate. A letter referring to Isabella was sent to the Chief Protector of Aborigines. It reads.....

Goulburn River District
February 3rd, 1843
I have the honour to recommend that Mrs.Pike be appointed
School Mistress or Matron of the Aboriginal Establishment in the
district, for which her cleanly habits and general good conduct render
her well qualified.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Your obedient servant,
W Le Souef.

Also when she moved to Euroa, she was a Sunday School Teacher in the 1850's. The first Sunday schools which are recorded in Euroa were conducted by Mrs. Maurice Garrett at the Euroa Inn and Mrs. McGartney at the Pilgrim Inn.
The first marriage recorded for the Church of England in Euroa was held at her home on February 2, 1854 between Edward Williams and Martha Norris who were both of Euroa.

Isabella wrote a letter to Eliza, warning her of Peter Murdock, it would appear that Peter may not at that time have been her son-in-law (or outlaw) and that "Jiny" referred to a Jiny Williams.

Euroa August 18th 1874
Dear Eliza,
I take the opportunity of writing these few lines to let you know that we are all well hoping to find you the same It is no wonder than you have been dreaming about us peter murdock has been goaing on fearful he go all Jinys money out of the bank he has been to melbourn and back he has gone away again he threatens to kill Jiny there has been to distress warrants after him so he had to go away the bankers has left Jinys I would like to come down and see you but I dont know when I can come I am sorry to hear that little dickey is taking fits the same old way granmother is not very well maryann is well you must look out for peter murdock because he might come down there I expect that you have heard about Janey Williams attempting to commit suicide we all send our kind love to you when are you comming up to see us atal
I have no more at present
from your affectionate
Mother Isabella Garrett
Please write soon
give my love to all the children except the same yourself

Before her death Isabella was ill for six days, and had been consulted by Dr John Nicholson on the eve of her death. When she passed away Maurice was at her side.

William Beaton: 1844

William, brother to Isabella who was later to marry George Harrison, emigrated to Australia just after his marriage, aged 21 years, in 1841 with his new wife and sister Isabella.

Enroute to Australia, as the story goes, the 3rd mate and one of the boys were below about 1pm, drawing off spirits, when the candle they used accidently fell into a pool of spilt rum. The flames erupted and no attempts made could quell the inferno. It spread with such ferocity that the survivors had no time to save belongings and were lucky to escape with the clothes on their back.

Following the fire of the ship, India (refer to Isabella's notes), William succeeded in getting his wife and sister into a small boat, but as it would not safely hold another person, he himself swam two miles before they were picked up by a passing French whaling vessel, the Roland.

They were taken to Rio de Janeiro, where the British Government hired another ship, the Grindlay to transport the survivors to Port Phillip.

On arrival in Melbourne, William first found employment on a cattle station in the country.

A year or two later, in 1844-1845, he found his way to 'Old Longwood' where he built the first hotel, the Salutation Inn for Mr. Hugh Middlemiss, the structure being of wattle and daub.

He was a stonemason by trade and he was later to put up the stone buildings at the "Killeen" homestead for Mr Chas. Ryan.

He tried his luck as a Miner and worked on the diggings at Castlemaine, Jamieson and other places. When the Ovens diggings were in full swing he secured a team of bullocks and a wagon and for some years was engaged in carrying between Melbourne and Beechworth, these were the days when the freights were in excess of $100 a tonne. William moved to Euroa around 1854 when he opened the "Pilgrim's Inn" he soon became prosperous combining farming with Hotel keeping. It is probable that he also assisted Maurice Garrett to build Fermoy in Euroa.

In his bullock driving days he was associated with Messrs. Watkins, "Apple Jack" Herring, Jas. Hogg, "Cockatoo George" Windsor and others.

William was one of the first Trustees for the Euroa Cemetery and with Messrs. Garrett, Rose, DeBoos, Wignell formed the 1st School Board Committee.

Mary pre-deceased William, they had a family of three sons and three daughters. Only two sons William and Hugh survived him. He left a brother Peter and two sisters, Mrs. Bell Snr of Euroa and Mrs. Wilson of Melbourne. His sister, Isabella (Pike, Harrison, Garrett) died some years before him.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 12 M    i. George HARRISON 1,2 was born on 27 Dec 1849 in Euroa, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria 3666,1 died on 2 Mar 1939 in Euroa, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria 36661 at age 89, and was buried in Euroa Cemetery, Euroa, Shire of Strathbogie, Victoria, 3666.

George next married Isabella Maud WRIGHT,2,6,9 daughter of George WRIGHT and Isabel RICKETS,2 on 12 Dec 1860 in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Isabella was born on 12 Jul 1837 in Sprouston, Roxburghshire, Scotland6,9 and died on 1 Sep 1912 in Albury, New South Wales, Australia at age 75.

Noted events in her life were:

1851: Isabella resided at Sprouston, Roxburghshire, Scotland. 9

1841: Isabella resided at Roxburghshire, Scotland. 6

Children from this marriage were:

+ 13 F    i. Isabella Margaret HARRISON 1,2,10 was born on 2 May 1862 in Forbes, New South Wales, Australia1,10 and died on 12 Dec 1907 in Malvern, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia1 at age 45.

+ 14 F    ii. Emma Jane HARRISON was born on 17 Dec 1864 in Stoney Creek, New South Wales, Australia and died in 1877 at age 13.

+ 15 F    iii. Martha HARRISON was born on 14 Jun 1866 in Mountain Creek, New South Wales, Australia and died in 1928 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at age 62.

+ 16 M    iv. James HARRISON 2 was born on 3 Apr 1870 in Dixon's Swamp and died in 1877 at age 7.

+ 17 F    v. Mary Ann HARRISON was born on 5 Sep 1872 in Albury, New South Wales, Australia, died in Sep 1872 in Albury, New South Wales, Australia, and was buried in Albury Pioneer Cemetery, Albury, New South Wales, Australia.

+ 18 M    vi. Alexander John "Jack" HARRISON 2,10,11 was born on 25 Apr 1875 in Woomargama, New South Wales, Australia,10 died on 30 Jun 1972 in Albury, New South Wales, Australia at age 97, and was buried in North Albury, Albury City, New South Wales, Australia.

4. Richard HARRISON (Henry1) was born on 21 Nov 1817 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England and was christened on 21 Nov 1817 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England.

5. Elizabeth HARRISON (Henry1) was born on 7 Aug 1819 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England and was christened on 7 Aug 1819 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England.

6. Martha HARRISON (Henry1) was born on 26 Aug 1821 in Addingham, St Peter, Yorkshire, England and was christened on 26 Aug 1821 in Addingham, St Peter, Yorkshire, England.

7. Ellen HARRISON (Henry1) was born on 1 May 1822 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England and was christened on 1 May 1822 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England.

8. Clara HARRISON (Henry1) was born on 30 Nov 1825 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England and was christened on 30 Nov 1825 in Ormskirk, Lancashire, England.

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