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2. William Thomas DOOLAN 1 (Martin1) was born in 1816, died on 22 May 1888 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia at age 72, and was buried on 31 Aug 2005 in Kilmore Catholic Cemetery, Kilmore, Victoria 3764. {FGID: 181622477}


William was buried at the Kilmore Catholic Cemetery, Kilmore, Victoria 3764.

William married Bridget RYAN,1.,2 daughter of Jeremiah RYAN and Mary TYRRELL. Bridget was born in 1829,2 died on 22 Oct 1893 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia2 at age 64, and was buried in Kilmore Catholic Cemetery, Kilmore, Victoria 3764. {FGID: 183127207}


Bridget was buried at the William & Bridget's Grave Kilmore Catholic Cemetery, Kilmore, Victoria 3764.

The following article appeared in the Kilmore Free Press, Thursday 7 May 1891 on Page 2.

Thursday, April 30th, 1891
(Before Mr Keogh, P.M.)

Bridget Doolan v. Thomas and Daniel Baillie (boys under 15 years of age) for assault. A cross summons - Thomas Bailie v. Bridget Doolan, for assault - was also heard.
Mr King (Duffy and Wilkinso) appeared for plaintiff, and Mr Whelan for defendant.
Bridget Doolan deposed : Saw defendant on 9th March last throwing stones at my geese, one of which they killed. When I went into the paddock which belongs to Baillie, the boys struck me. A stone thrown by one of the boys struck me on the back of the head and I became insensible. When I regained consciousness I was in the Kilmore Hospital.
Cross-examined : The assault occurred about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I have four geese, which I general keep housed, but on the evening in question I let them out. The geese did not enter the paddock where the crop of potatoes is. Saw the boys killing the goose. New threw any clay at the boys. DId not dare Tom Baillie to re-enter his father's paddock. Never caught hold of defendant and hit him twice on the head with a lump of clay. I stooped to pick up the goose, and the boys then came behind me with sticks and hit me. Have not been in the habit of taking fits and did not take one on that occasion.
To Mr King : I had the goose in my hands until I reached the fence.
Mary Doolan (aged about 12 years and grand daughter of Mrs Doolan deposed : Remember the 9th of March. Saw grandmother go into Baillie's paddock. Was on top of a fence about 80 yards away. Saw the boys in the paddock with sticks in their hands beating a goose. Also saw the boys beating grandmother across the back. Complainant did not touch the boys, and one of them hit her across the back of the head when she was on the fence. When hit with the stone my grandma fell. Never saw her throw any stones. The boys kept behind heer all the time.
Cross-examined : No one told me to say 80 yards. Never saw grandmother catch Tom Baillie by the collar of chase hime into an adjoining paddock. When grandmother fell I ran for my uncle.
Mrs Doolan, recalled, deposted that the boys kept behind her all the time.
Martin Doolan deposed : Remember 9th March. I came home between 4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Saw young Tom Baillie throw a stone at my mother, who fell down and was unable to speak, blood oozing from the ears and mouth. She was conveyed to the Kilmore Hospital. Am friendly with the Baillies, although we have several times been in court.
Mr Whelan, in opening the case for the defense, said the boys have been instructed to look after the crop and keep the geese out. Two geese came in on this occasion, and Tom Baillie caught one and killed it. Mrs Dooland went into the paddock and pelted clods of clay at the boys, and chased one of them into an adjoining paddock. The boy came back and Mrs Doolan caught hold of him and began to pound him on the head with clay. Then Dan Baillie came up to protect his brother and hit Mrs Doolan with a stick. Mrs Doolan then picked up the goose and got over the fence, and when she reached the road the boys saw her fall down.
Thomas Baillie deposed : Remember 9th March. Was in the paddock minding the crop. There were two geese in the paddock adn I killed one of them. The other goose flew over the fence. Mrs Doolan ran down and got over the fence and chased me, taking up a lump of clay. Mrs Doolan dared me to go back into our paddock while she was there. I returned, and she caught me by the collar and broke the lump of clay on my head. She dragged me to where there was a stone and hit me twice on the head. I saw my brother hit Mrs Doolan with a little bit of a stick after I had fallen down. When I got up I saw that Mrs Doolan had fallen down in Lamb-street. I went to the doctor, as I had received a cut on the head.
Mr Keogh, Sergeant Gilfedder and Mr McNeill (Clerk of Courts) here examined witness's head but expressed themselves unable to detect any trace of a wound.
Witness cross-examined : Never threw a clod. Did not go up to the woman when she fell down. Neither my brother or I threw a stone. Do not know what caused the blood to come from the woman's ears.
Daniel Baillie gave somewhat corrobaorative evidence.
This closed the case.
Mr Keogh said he had no doubt but that the lads assaulted Mrs Doolan and would fine Thomas Baillie 40s, with 27s 6d costs, and Daniel Baillie 5s, with 2s 6d costs. He dismissed the cross summons.
Inspector Scanlon v. John O'Connor, of Lower Reedy Creek, for Sunday trading.
John O'Connor pleaded guilty, and was fined 10, and 1 2s costs. A second charge of having a bar-door open was withdrawn.
The following persons were fined for not sending their children to school :- T.Baillie, B.Brady, W.Chittis, H.Casey, M.Crossley, M.Doolan, B.Doolan, J.Galvin, A.Morris, T.Maher, P.Ryan, T.Ryan, W.Stockdale and M.Tuckwell.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 3    i. Martin Thomas DOOLAN 1,4,5 was born in 1845 at Sea4 and died on 1 Jun 1923 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia4,5 at age 78. {FGID: 181656374}

+ 4    ii. Bridget DOOLAN 1,6 was born in 1858 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia,6 died on 17 Aug 1899 at age 41, and was buried in Ballarat Cemetery, Ballarat, Victoria.

+ 5    iii. Mary Amelia DOOLAN 1,2 was born in 1860 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia2 and died in 1916 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia2 at age 56.

+ 6    iv. Annie Sarah DOOLAN 1,4 was born in 18654 and died in 1930 in Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia4 at age 65.

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